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The company solemnly promises:

Equipment is guaranteed for one year and troubleshooting for customers within 24 hours.
1. Accept the consultation of users and provide various relevant information;
2. Make decisions for users and plan the construction plan and construction guidance;
3. Free equipment installation, commissioning and operator training;
4. Training production management and equipment maintenance personnel;
5. Provide all kinds of spare parts and moulds in time for a long time.
6. Establish customer files and provide regular follow-up services.
7. Provide the latest industry information and product information of our factory.

After-sales Service

1. Introduce the company's status and product technology;
2. Providing technical consultation for customers and analyzing and explaining difficulties;
3. Guiding customers to choose products according to their needs.

 On-sales Service

1. Follow up the contract and organize all departments to review the contract;
2. If the contract is not clear or needs negotiation between the two parties, it shall be responsible for solving the problem.
3. According to the contract requirements, follow up production and delivery, as well as the production of various external parts.
4. Installation and commissioning of equipment for users on time according to the contract agreement;
5. On-site training to guide users to standardize operation and use;
6. Responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints about product quality and service quality;
7. Follow up and inspect irregularly during the warranty period, and implement dynamic management;
8. The warranty period is our product quality problem, responsible for the warranty replacement;
9. Responsible for the training of service personnel, so as to continuously improve the overall quality of service personnel;
10. Answer the service demand and send people to the scene to deal with it.
11. Guarantee the long-term supply of spare parts and accessories, lifelong after-sales service.