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Only a world-class talent team can build a world-class brand. Adhere to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, under the guidance of the enterprise's talent strategy, and strive to build a professional team. Constructing professional managers team and creating new team image of openness, cooperation, integrity, development and harmony are always regarded as the starting point and destination of future management team construction and enterprise culture construction. We will continue to strengthen professional training, strive to bring up excellent localized talents, and strive to build the ranks of professional people's congresses and a large number of top-notch professional managers, business managers, scientific and technological innovators and professionals in various positions. We will vigorously introduce talents and promote the coordinated development of the group through the rise and promotion of talents. Efforts should be made to build a corporate culture adapted to the enterprise concept, values and spirit, which embodies caring for others and respecting people, attaching importance to the realization of employees'self-worth, constantly improving the working environment of employees, effectively solving their vital interests, and actively assuming social responsibility.
Managers at all levels should respect, care for, love, cultivate and retain people, and gradually form a people-oriented corporate culture. Respect for people is the foundation, treat employees equally, send birthday cakes on their birthday, and send cordial greetings when employees are ill. Warm and affectionate, convey a kind of respect. Caring for people is the premise, and care is based on respect. If it is a concern for employees to reach out when facing difficulties, the more touching concern is the care for employees who make mistakes. It's a more admirable concern to allow employees to fall and climb up. Care for people is the core. People are emotional animals. They have feelings. They can insert knives for their friends. If they have no feelings, they can die without rescue. How can employees not work hard if they care about and care for their employees? Cultivating people is the key. Today, even in the future, we still need to attach great importance to personnel training. Only when we make great efforts to train people, can we create new brilliance. It is fundamental to retain talents and establish a people-oriented corporate culture. The ultimate goal is to retain people, let employees regard enterprises as their homes, and establish a harmonious corporate culture in the win-win situation between enterprises and employees.